A multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm

Shaping society together, now and in the future


Shaping society together, now and in the future

In our ideal future, everyone lives and works in a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment. Businesses, governments, educational institutions, and citizens all collaborate to achieve this.

LBP|SIGHT aims to bridge the gap between these parties, providing advice and support in the areas of built environment, spatial planning and environment. We translate technical knowledge into practice and contribute to the development of individuals, clients, and the environment. Always keeping the current and future generations in mind.

Branding LBP|SIGHT


LBP|SIGHT provides engineering and consultancy services. Our areas of expertise include building acoustics, building physics, fire safety, sustainability, energy, area development, noise and vibration, environment, estate management and spatial planning. We offer professional know-how and the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ needs and wishes.

Branding LBP|SIGHT


Complex issues require a multidisciplinary approach. Our consultants and specialists work together to develop sustainable concepts, from acoustics research and daylight calculations to valuations, permit applications and more. Our approach:

  • we seek smart, pragmatic solutions with a personal touch
  • we comply with rules and regulations, while also keeping the bigger picture in mind
  • we think outside the box to find creative, innovative solutions.


With an ever-changing society as our playing field, we focus on strategies such as climate adaptation and a clever use of space and resources. Our approach is shaped by our core values:

  • dedication: we are committed to our relationships with our clients as well as the development of our people
  • creativity: we embrace opportunities and seek appropriate, sustainable and unexpected solutions
  • responsibility: we believe in the relevance of our work and our value as a reliable, focused and approachable partner.